Do You Qualify for OJEU?

The “Official Journal of the European Union” or OJEU threshold rules changed in 2016, which could affect your business in the public sector. If you are procuring for goods or services which will cost over £50,000, you may now be thinking of running a full OJEU tender to comply with these new regulations, or using … Continued

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Npower to hike electricity prices by almost 10%

Last week it emerged in the news that Npower plans to raise its gas and electricity prices by 9.8% by May this year. Whilst this hike is set to affect domestic energy customers, there are concerns that business contracts will follow suit. Skyrocketing electricity prices The 9.8% rise applies to a dual fuel bill, which … Continued

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British Gas Fined for Business Billing Failures

On Tuesday, like many other businesses, we saw the news that British Gas has been handed a £9.5m penalty from Ofgem. The energy regulator believes that the gas provider has let thousands of business customers down, with inaccurate and delayed bills. As a utility bill disputer, this is something we have seen affecting our clients, … Continued

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5 Reasons to Outsource Procurement of Office Supplies

More often than not, we find that businesses give the role of office supply purchasing to a PA, secretary, admin assistant or receptionist. However, this is not usually the most practical or cost-effective way to arrange the purchase of regular office items. Here are just 5 reasons you would be better to outsource procurement of … Continued

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Savings and Successes – 2016 in a Nutshell

As we look forward to an exciting and fruitful 2017 at Business Cost Consultants, we would like to recognise the strengths and successes which have lead us to this fortunate position at the beginning of a prosperous new year. Investment in new technology We believe in investing in our work in order to provide a … Continued

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Business Cost Consultants 12 Days of Christmas

Never mind Lords-a-leaping and geese-a-laying, Business Cost Consultants brings you some great cost saving ideas you can implement in our 12 Days of Christmas: Audits need Conducting By simply providing three months’ bills for each of your utilities for a free Desktop Audit BCC can quickly ascertain if there is scope for improvement in what … Continued

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How to Maximise Business Cost Savings Over the Holidays

Out-with the retail and hospitality sectors, many businesses tend to wind down over Christmas and New Year. Many staff may have scheduled annual leave, and your customers or clients may be less demanding during this time. Whether your business is set to close throughout the festive period, or you’re scheduled to open for limited hours, … Continued

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Is it time to upgrade your telecoms system?

Over the last 15 years or so, communications have advanced so rapidly that many businesses have struggled to keep up. In fact, your telecoms system may no longer be the most suitable or efficient for your business needs, thanks to many new devices which are able to simplify processes for us. New Technology Does your … Continued

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Saving Costs While Facing Insolvency

When faced with insolvency or administration in business, every penny counts and is accounted for. Therefore, it’s important more than ever to reduce business costs during this process. Business Cost Consultants are one of the few companies in the UK to tackle such complex issues businesses face when going into administration. Price hikes When a … Continued

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