Choosing a Water Supplier

In Scotland businesses have had the freedom to choose their water supplier for the last 9 years, and from April 2017, businesses in England and Wales have been allowed to follow suit. This offers more competition in the markets and this control over supply should be greatly beneficial to businesses, but just how easy is … Continued

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Business Insurance and Cover for Flood

Despite it being the peak of summer, many areas of the UK are currently on high flood warnings. Thanks to June, and July so far, being some of the wettest on record in certain locations, businesses and homes need to think about flood cover fast. It’s thought major flooding is likely to happen in the … Continued

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Is Hinkley Point Nuclear Project Bad for Consumers?

The UK’s new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point has come under fire according to the National Audit Office. Concerns are now being raised that British consumers are effectively being locked into a risky and expensive project which will negatively benefit them. The contract was originally agreed with EDF last September, and the National Audit … Continued

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Scotland to House World’s First Floating Windfarm

The world’s first floating windfarm is to take shape on the seabed off north-east Scotland. The £200m Hywind project will see turbines towed from Norway to create the fantastic renewable energy farm. Turbines have already been floated in fjords in Norway in preparation for the project which will see them tugged across the North Sea … Continued

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Ensure You’re Properly Insured

One of the most critical business decisions involves arranging suitable insurance cover at the best price. Not having the correct business insurance in place could result in a variety of unfortunate scenarios, all of which can prove costly and detrimental to your business. Insurance is essential in business, from professional indemnity to appropriate premises insurance, … Continued

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10 years of the iPhone – how smartphones have changed the workplace

Incredibly, this month the iPhone turns 10. Over the past decade, this smartphone has slowly changed the way we communicate and use devices on the go. This has had a huge impact for businesses, revolutionising the way we work. Improving business communications Of course, mobile phones have existed long before iPhones, and businesses have been … Continued

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Clean Energy – Improving Performance and Reputation

When it comes to business energy, we’re experts at getting the best deal at the best price for your company. But have you considered the benefits of sourcing clean energy for your business? Why clean? Recent research documented by found that more than 40% of people believe that businesses should be sourcing clean energy … Continued

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