Why are we different

For 20 years we have been providing independent advice to our clients throughout the UK.

We are the only company in the UK to offer you a quadruple guarantee.

We guarantee:

• to find you the best possible prices for your electricity, gas and water services. If not, we shall refund the difference.*
• to provide you with totally independent advice, not influenced by commissions from suppliers
• our fees will be less than those charged by a broker
• our fees will be less than the savings we achieve for you

Most of our competitors are brokers. They will charge you a hefty fee which is added to the cost of your electricity, gas or water services. Others will take 50% of any savings they achieve. Some charge both ways.

Business Cost Consultants are unique. We are totally independent and provide a much more comprehensive service. Unlike brokers, we do not take commissions from any suppliers.

Can you trust a broker who is a sales agent for a supplier to get you the lowest prices for your energy and water services?

Here are the main reasons why we can offer you much better value for money:

1. We have 20 years of experience in providing expert, independent advice to our clients.

2. Our fees are much lower than brokers or those working on a contingency basis.

3. How can we guarantee to get you lower prices for your energy and water services than a broker?

• Most brokers do commission deals with a few suppliers. Because we are independent, we are able to seek prices from all potential suppliers of energy and water throughout the UK.
• The large commissions paid to energy brokers are added to the costs of your energy or water. We add nothing to the supplier prices.
• By shopping around brokers can save you about 1% on your energy and water procurement costs. We monitor energy markets and advise you when is a good time to purchase your energy contracts well in advance. That can save you over 50%.

4. We are totally independent. We take no commissions from any suppliers. That means we have no conflicts of interest, unlike brokers. Do they find you the lowest price in the market, or the supplier who pays the largest commissions?

5. Brokers will charge you a large fee for arranging your energy or water contracts once per annum. If you ask them to do anything more for you they will charge you additional fees.

6. As part of our service we provide the following additional services, at no extra cost :
• An initial audit of your utility costs
• A detailed annual report on all your utility costs
• Historical utility bill analysis and reclaim any overcharges for you
• We can put experts on to your sites to advise you on how to reduce your energy and water consumption.

Where do we go from here?

With you permission we shall carry out a free desktop study of your utility costs.

We shall report back to you with our proposals, illustrate potential savings and set out the costs of our services. We shall then sit down and discuss our proposals before you commit to anything.

We have clients from The Shetland Isles in the north east to Cornwall in the south west of the UK.

Please call us now on 0141 226 8525 or email to book you free desktop survey.

*You must be offered a lower price and on the same terms, at the time as we receive our best offer.

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