Ways to Reduce Water Consumption

When it comes to minimising water costs in your  organisation, the main objective is to negotiate the best deal based on your water consumption. However, there are also a few pointers business owners and employees can adopt in order to reduce water consumption and therefor costs in the long term.

Get a water audit

The first thing to do would be to organise a water audit for your company. This will involve an expert visiting your premises to assess your current water consumption. You will also need to provide recent water bills, and a water data logger may need to be installed to determine water usage over a specific period. From the results gathered in the audit, you will have a profile of what water consumption within your business looks like. This will highlight areas which need improvement as well as any areas you are already minimising water usage.

It’s at this point you will be able to discuss ways to move forward and plan how to reduce water consumption in the long term.

Educate and involve staff

The easiest way to ensure everyone is doing their bit to reduce consumption is to educate staff in the process and reasoning. Make them aware of the plans and encourage them to take part in reducing water usage. Some organisations have opted to use incentives to get employees involved, such as a prize for the department with the lowest water usage in a quarter.

Purchase efficient equipment

You could improve costs by installing a smart meter, which allows for more accurate information on your water consumption, and in real time. This means you don’t need to wait for quarterly bills to arrive to know how much water you are using or how much you’re spending.

Using efficient equipment or fixing existing water usage devices such as leaky taps can have a great impact on your water usage. By upgrading your systems, other solutions can also include putting flow controls onto your toilets, taps and showers if necessary. This makes your water usage and cost calculations much more manageable.


For more information on the ways we can help your business save on water costs, or to request a free audit, please get in touch with us here or call the office on 0141 226 8525.

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