The Woodland Trust appoints Business Cost Consultants to manage utilities

Business Cost Consultants (BCC), one of the UK’s leading independent utility consultants, today announced that they will be providing energy and water management services to The Woodland Trust. This will enable The Trust to reduce energy and water costs, as well as cut consumption and CO2 emissions.

The Woodland Trust is the UK’s leading woodland conservation charity with over 300 employees throughout the UK. The Trust has three key aims: i) to enable the creation of more native woods and places rich in trees ii) to protect native woods, trees and their wildlife for the future iii) to inspire everyone to enjoy and value woods and trees. Established in 1972, the Woodland Trust now has over 1,000 sites in its care covering approximately 20,000 hectares (50,000 acres).

Business Cost Consultants will carry out a full audit of The Trust’s electricity, gas, water and telecoms costs and usage and then highlight areas for potential savings. BCC’s appointment is significant and contributes to The Trust’s “green culture” and overall commitment to achieving energy efficiency.

For over a decade Business Cost Consultants has been helping organisations reduce electricity, gas, water and telecoms costs by analysing the complex energy and utility markets, providing expert procurement services and recovering overpayments. BCC also have a wealth of experience in helping clients reduce overall consumption.

“The Woodland Trust has recently moved into a new purpose built environmentally friendly building and it makes sense to work with others to further reduce our carbon footprint. Any reduction in costs that we can achieve through this partnership will have a double benefit of reducing the Trust’s impact on the environment and at the same time freeing more money for our vital work creating new woodland and protecting the UK’s native woodlands.” Mandy Loose, Facilities Manager, the Woodland Trust.

Donald Maclean, Managing Director at Business Cost Consultants added, “The Woodland Trust is quite a large user of electricity, gas, water and telecoms. Therefore, cuts in those costs will have a significant impact on their financial performance. We are confident that with our experience and knowledge we can make considerable savings for them.”

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