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At Business Cost Consultants we don’t just focus solely on energy savings for our commercial clients – we can also help find the best domestic deals too. Our Switch My Energy comparison service is designed for our clients, which include housing associations, their tenants and their staff.

How does it work?

Like most energy comparison services, we aim to find you the best deal by taking a few details and comparing across suppliers. However, unlike other services, we include ALL suppliers and ALL domestic tariffs in the UK – not just a select few.

Why use the service?

Many people tend to research and sign up to an energy service when they first move into a home, but don’t give it much consideration afterwards. However, it pays to check your domestic energy prices every 6 months or so. By using our service, you will quickly be able to tell whether you could be saving money or not.
If you enter a fixed priced contract, our system offers you the option of an automatic reminder to check out market prices 3 months before your existing contract ends. This gives you time to prepare and make plans for your next contract or tariff, rather than staying with your existing supplier or making an on-the-spot decision.


By searching every single tariff available from every supplier, we are able to make savings on almost every occasion. Our average saving is £184.71 per annum, and one of our clients even managed to save over £1,500 on his home energy costs.

Added benefits

In addition to offering the best price and service for you, we can also provide you with of green energy deals.

Plus, it’s not just those who use credit meters that can benefit. Our service has been designed to search for the best deals even if you have a prepayment meter.

If you don’t have regular access to a computer, we can still assist you in finding the best deal, with a Freephone number. All of the above benefits make it an ideal service to offer for your staff, customers or tenants. Get in touch or visit here to get started.

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