Do you have the right telecoms system for your business?

One thing that most successful businesses rely on is a good telecoms infrastructure in order to succeed. Whether using telephone, fax, internet or mobile technology, you need to have the telecoms solution which works best for your business.
As can be the case with many organisations, once a telecoms system has been set up and tariff arranged, businesses tend to stick to the same arrangement unless something goes wrong. However, goals and plans in business can change, as can tariffs for the provision of telecoms. Technologies also change. That is why it’s important to revisit your current telecoms plan to determine whether it’s right for your business.

Review timeframes
If you have been on the same telecoms plan for more than 18 months, it may be time to review the time frame and terms of your current contract. Has your initial contract period expired? Are you currently on a different tariff than you originally set up? Initially, it’s worthwhile going through bills to ensure your bills are all correct and there are no disputes or discrepancies.

Have your sites changed in size or in number? Have you considered moving on to the newer technologies? Within a few years the ISDN30 lines which most businesses have relied on will be phased out. SIP trunks and VOIP (voice over internet protocols) are now well tried and tested. They will replace the old analogue and digital lines.
With more and more businesses using the internet, how good is the service you receive. Do you have sufficient bandwidth to run your business efficiently ? Do you have built in resilience ? What happens to your business if your internet connection is interrupted by a fault, an accident, or a natural disaster?

Monitor inbound and outbound traffic
One factor which may be contributing to high telecoms costs is the volume of outbound traffic on your current system. It’s important to analyse this and determine whether there are ways this volume can be reduced. Similarly, it’s worth analysing incoming traffic to determine whether there are ways to generate income from this.

Switch it up
Your telecoms system may be the most up to date and effective for you, but if you haven’t upgraded systems in a number of years, there could be plenty of new technology to take advantage of. Switching to new technologies could prove more efficient and cost-effective.

Even if you don’t upgrade your technology, there could be room to switch it up in terms of your tariff, which currently may not be the most competitive. Similarly, the best option may be to switch supplier altogether in order to get the best quality telecoms solution for your needs.

At Business Cost Consultants we carry out thorough audits of your current telecoms provisions. This enables us to analyse your usage and outline where costs can be saved. We consider all of the above points to ensure ongoing cost savings for your business. Give us a call on 0141 226 8525 to arrange a free audit of your telecom systems.

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