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Our Energy Blog

Our energy blog covers topics from tips on watching consumption to opinions on government legislation.

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Daily Industry News

Each weekday we select a news story from the energy industry which we publish in our industry news section. Plus, every Friday we round-up other news stories, features and advice from other energy bloggers.

Our Managing Director’s free book

The Secret to Successful Energy Procurement was written buy our Managing Director, Donald Maclean, in September 2012. In it he explains some strategies for reducing business utility costs and dispelling some myths surrounding energy procurement.

Downloadable energy guides

We have eighteen downloadable guides on our website that provide a comprehensive overview of many different aspects of energy saving.

Video Guides

Alongside his published book our Managing Director has also recorded several video guides explaining more about our business and advice on lowering energy costs.

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We are continually updating our selection of external links when new governing bodies form and when other changes in the industry happen.


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