Reduce hotel utility costs: lighting

Reduce hotel utility costs: lighting

Air conditioning, heating and lighting alone can represent up to 80% of a hotel’s utility bill. Therefore, we’re going to post a series of blogs giving tips on how to reduce costs across these areas.

Whilst we are focusing on utility issues specific to hotels, they will still be useful for other organisations.

Today we’ll focus on lighting as it can add up to 30% of total energy consumption.
Examples of ways to reduce energy costs through lighting in hotels include the following:

  • Keep windows clean to make the most of natural lighting.
  • Use daylighting tubes, which to transmit visible light through opaque walls and roofs, toprovide free, natural daylight during the day.
  • Use LED lighting as it uses very little energy. This can be used in signs both indoor and outdoor.
  • Install movement sensitive switches (PIR sensors) in areas where lighting isn’t required 24/7 i.e. toilets, hallways etc.
  • Use interlocks on the door of the room so that the power goes off when the guest leaves.
  • Use dimmer switches.
  • Ensure that lamps are kept clean and replaced if old to maximise light output.
  • Change to low wattage lights in appropriate areas.
  • In large open areas (lobby, conference room, etc.), install efficient T8 or T5 fluorescents and replace magnetic ballasts with digital or electric units.
  • Install photosensors to automatically activate outside lamps as required.
  • 50W halogen spotlights can be replaced with 9W compact fluorescent GU10’s.
  • If spotlights are on a 12V circuit then 10W or 20W dichroic MR16’s can be used to replace 35W or 50W spotlights.

To find out more about ways to reduce costs for your hotel group e-mail or call 0141 226 8525.

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