Procurement – Saving More than Money

When it comes to the likes of energy procurement, many people believe it’s solely about the costs that can be saved in terms of regular billing. However, if you have the right procurement strategy, there are many other ways in which you can save, allowing your business to run much more efficiently.

Buying your energy and water contracts at the right time produces the largest savings. We monitor the markets and recommend when to buy. As an independent cost consultant business, we look into procuring energy, telecoms and much more for our clients each day. The process isn’t just about finding the best deal, but also offering the best service to our clients. Aside from the cost aspect, here are the other ways we believe procurement can benefit our clients:

Saving time

One of the most obvious added benefits of having a dedicated procurement strategy or procurement team is that it saves a lot of time in other areas of the business. For example, if you are constantly battling a poor telecoms or energy service, you could find lost business hours racking up due to billing problems, poor network connectivity and so on. Billing queries can be the most time consuming. That is why we deal with bill verification and deal with all queries for our clients, as part of our normal service.

Additionally, a lot of time can be taken up simply looking for a better service and better deal. If there’s no dedicated company or department to take care of this, individual employees could then end up devoting a lot of time to this task, taking away from the time and productivity in their regular role.

Saving on stress

Without a procurement team or strategy, you could be placing unnecessary stress on the business by taking away from productive staff time to focus on procurement tasks. Additionally, you could save on business stress by switching to a smoother, more cost-effective service procured by a specialist, as opposed to the current service offered.

Additionally, if you have someone looking into your business costs, you could save on the stress of looking into discrepancies, overcharges, making complaints and so on. These tasks help you save costs but can also be very time consuming and place stress on the individuals dealing with these situations.

Saving expertise

When you choose to undertake procurement yourself, you may find your business lacking in your expertise whilst you are otherwise occupied. Not only are your time and resources taken up by researching and negotiating, your valuable business expertise is also missing whilst you undertake these tasks.

Whether you’re procuring energy or office equipment, it’s important to see the value of having a dedicated internal or external team to take care of this. You can save more than a few quid in the long term by ensuring you have a proper procurement strategy in place.

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