5 Reasons to Outsource Procurement of Office Supplies

More often than not, we find that businesses give the role of office supply purchasing to a PA, secretary, admin assistant or receptionist. However, this is not usually the most practical or cost-effective way to arrange the purchase of regular office items.

Here are just 5 reasons you would be better to outsource procurement of office supplies:

1 – Quality
When it comes to sourcing basic office supplies such as paper, ink cartridges and stationery, a secretary or admin assistant may simply look for the cheapest price online. Whilst low costs are obviously an important factor, quality is of equal importance. If you have poor quality products, such as pens for example, you may find yourself spending more in the long term as you’ll have to replace them more quickly.

2 – Level of service
Often the procurement of office supplies will fall to one member of staff, but it will be a minute part of their job role. This means it can often get pushed aside for other more pertinent tasks. By outsourcing office supply management, you are able to receive a consistently stable level of service, ensuring you’re not without any essential items. Additionally, with an outsourced specialist in this area, you will always be able to ensure the best deal for your needs, as the specialist will always have time and resources to dedicate to researching this.

3 – Reduced costs
Nobody wants to pay over the odds for office supplies or equipment, so it pays to find the best price for what you need. An expert in office supply procurement can help you find this. It may be more complicated than just finding the cheapest cost price. As mentioned, quality and durability all play a part in the overall cost, rather than cost price per individual unit. Additionally, by enlisting the help of a procurement specialist in this field, you can benefit from reduced costs through relationships built by them, and any ongoing discounts associated with loyalty which your in-house staff may not be able to negotiate.

4 – Access to multiple products and suppliers
When arranging the procurement of office supplies in-house, there may be a tendency to go with the first thing found online, or the first thing recommended by someone else. Or it may be the case that your organisation has a relationship with just one supplier. Either way, this may be hindering you from getting the best products, best quality and best service for your needs. Office supply procurement specialists will have access to multiple products and providers, and have a list of varying suppliers to work with, saving you the time and hassle of contacting each of these individually for the best deal.

5 – Dedicated person to seek the best opportunity
Over and above all, the main reason to outsource the procurement of office supplies is the opportunity to have one dedicated person to seek out the best opportunities for your business. As mentioned, when procurement falls to a member of in-house staff, they usually have other duties which take priority over this. That means they might not have the time or resources to dedicate to finding the most suitable office supplies service for you.
With a dedicated procurement specialist, you can not only expect to save costs in the long and short term, you can expect someone to be coming to you with ways to save as they spot these opportunities.

For more information on how you could save by outsourcing your office supply procurement, or to arrange a free audit, please get in touch.

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