Are You Paying Over the Odds for Office Supplies?

If you work in an office there’s one thing that’s in high demand, but often not given the same attention as other long-term outgoings: office supplies. Although used every day, the procurement of office supplies is often not a cost-saving priority compared to things like utilities. However, there are still significant savings to be made in terms of both cost and productivity by investing in office supply procurement.

Cost v Value

One of the main things businesses tend to focus on when it comes to office supplies is purchasing at the cheapest price available. Whilst this can be seen as cost-saving at source, you may find yourself paying over the odds in terms of replacing cheaper goods at a faster rate, or simply having to for out for something better quality if the cheaper product doesn’t meet standards.


If office supplies are just purchased as and when needed, with no clear procurement strategy, process or supplier, the chances are they will be Googled and bought at cheapest price. This usually also has an impact on delivery, as it’s custom to wait longer on free delivery or pay a large sum for next day delivery if urgent. Whereas if you have a relationship with a supplier – or better still, a procurement service which has access to numerous suppliers – you may be able to secure faster and more cost-efficient delivery.


When purchasing office supplies online, it can be difficult if the product you want is out of stock. With a dedicated procurement manager, you’ll be able to find the products you require as they will have a range of suppliers at their disposal. If there is no availability, or your particular product is no longer in production, a procurement manager will be able to advise you on the best alternatives, ensuring you still get the best value for money.


Office equipment also gets used on a regular basis, and needs time and money invested to ensure you have the best product at the best value for your business needs. If you purchase equipment such as printers online, you may not be getting the best deal in terms of efficient equipment which is suitable for your business needs. It may cost more than the printer on offer on Amazon, but will it cost more to run and keep stocked up with ink? Procurement managers can help with ensuring your office equipment matches the usage in your business, meeting efficiency goals and often securing a good deal on any upgrades.

If you think you could be paying over the odds for your office supplies, why not give us a call for a free audit and assessment of your office needs. Get in touch or call 0141 226 8525.

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