Online Expense – Is your digital marketing presence working for you?

Every business, whether B2B or B2C, nowadays requires an online presence in order to reach and engage with both existing and potential customers or clients. However, having an online presence alone is not enough – it should be working for you and offering return on your investment.

One of the newest services Business Cost Consultants is pleased to offer is a free digital marketing audit. This will assess the good and bad points associated with current digital marketing efforts, taking into account everything from website functionality to social media engagement. Our digital marketing expert will offer solutions including recommended platforms, tips and strategy to improve your online presence and digital marketing.

Set your goalsenergy procurement myths

You may already have a website, company LinkedIn page and company accounts on Twitter and Facebook, but are you really making the most of them? Ideally your online presence will be built around your goals and aims as a company, and everything you do online should be to drive towards that goal or goals. For example, are you looking to increase enquiries over the phone or online, drive traffic to your website or increase footfall in a bricks and mortar store? Are you confident that the way in which your company currently uses social media is helping you effectively market to achieve that goal?

Use our experts

The audits from Business Cost Consultants are free of charge, and you are under no obligation to undertake any of the services or solutions outlined in your audit. Essentially, you have nothing to lose by undertaking an audit. Then, if you do agree to proceed with the solutions we suggest, you’ll be put in the hands of our recommended experts who can save you time, effort and wasted marketing budgets. Let the experts help you ensure your company social media marketing efforts match your company goals and offer a return on investment.

If you would like a free audit of your company’s digital marketing efforts, please get in touch, email or give us a call on 0141 226 8525.

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