Managing Utilities in High Capacity Venues

Due to the nature of high capacity venues like stadiums or exhibition centres, utilities are often in constant use over a short period of time. However, during non-match or non-event periods, virtually no electricity, gas or water will be used. This can make it more difficult to manage, as any problems could go undetected for long periods of time between events.


Turning on the waterworks

One of the main issues we have come across is relating to the water supply of a stadium or venue. Often the supply a venue receives is not actually fit for purpose.water risk management strategy If a high volume of people are using your washroom facilities on just one or two days every week, or every month, your supply and service should be able to cope with this and you should be charged accordingly.

A common problem is that there can be inefficiencies in water use on both event days and non-event days. These can include anything from inefficient water pressure to leaks in the pipes, which could in turn be adding much more to your water bill.

When we took on Celtic FC as a client we closely monitored their water consumption by attaching smart data loggers to their 5 water meters. That monitoring revealed that they were using almost as much water overnight, as during the day. We sent an expert on to site and he identified where the water was being lost. Once that was corrected, their water consumption dropped by about 40%.

Celtic kindly recommended us to Rangers FC. There, our close monitoring and on-site investigations were able to eliminate problems with water pressure during match days and reduce water consumption by about 70%. That resulted in savings of over £100,000 per annum.


Lighting the way

Another common utility management issue in high capacity venues is electricity, and in particular the lighting of a high capacity venue. Depending on the type of venue, lighting use may be minimal, or dependant on the season.

LED bulb and simple light bulbs.Green backgroundFor example, a conference and exhibition venue may only use lighting and electricity on a few days per month, whereas a sports stadium may rely on lighting, both indoors and outdoors, much more in the winter. With that in mind, it’s easy to see where businesses may not be on the best tariff for their needs, or where there could be room for inefficiencies in use.


At Business Cost Consultants we have a range of experience in managing utilities for a number of high capacity venues, including some of Scotland’s leading sports stadiums. By carrying out a thorough audit of the venues utility use, including installation of smart meters and data loggers to log information, we are able to assess the use of utilities, and where a business might be able to save on costs.

From purpose built sports venues for use in multi-national athletic events, to regularly used football stadia and exhibition venues, we can help manage your utilities and negotiate the best deal for your circumstance. Call us on 0141 226 8525 to request a free audit. The free report will quantify the reductions we can make for you in both your utility consumption and costs.

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