10 years of the iPhone – how smartphones have changed the workplace

Incredibly, this month the iPhone turns 10. Over the past decade, this smartphone has slowly changed the way we communicate and use devices on the go. This has had a huge impact for businesses, revolutionising the way we work.

Improving business communications

Of course, mobile phones have existed long before iPhones, and businesses have been making use of these devices for years now. However, the iPhone and other smartphones have improved the way we are able to communicate in business, at the drop of a hat. 10 years ago, it would be unheard-of to have a video conference with someone no matter where they were – in a park, on a train, in the queue for the post office. Similarly, you would not expect an email response from a client or associate who was out of the office, or on the road.

Thanks to the iPhone’s revolutionary take on the way we use mobile phones, we are now able to communicate via phone, email and video from almost anywhere in the world, and at any time.

Capability and technology

Thanks to the rise, and continuous improvement, of smartphones, you can now complete tasks which previously required a PC, on a handheld device. More than the act of communicating, employees can actually carry out tasks from their mobile phones. With word processors, pdfs and tailored apps available, employees can complete many computer-based tasks from creating and editing documents to filling out a timesheet – all on the go. This allows businesses in areas such as field sales and logistics to accurately carry out tasks without having to return to the office if this is not necessary.

Driving down costs

As a result of the improved communications and mobile capabilities, businesses are able to drive down costs in a number of areas. For example, if your staff don’t need to come into the office as much (or at all) to fulfil their duties, you can save on things like office equipment, the energy used to power this, and of course any space, heating and water costs associated with larger spaces catering to more bodies.

With such great mobile communications, businesses are also able to save drastically on international communications. Whereby previously businesses may have made costly calls overseas, we are now able to use iPhone apps such as WhatsApp to call people using mobile data allowances, or WiFi. This is known as Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) and is something which we can help businesses explore.

Additionally, businesses may benefit from deals on mobile communcations packages, broadband provision and changes to their existing telecoms tariff to accommodate mobile communication.

For more on how we can find you a suitable mobile telecoms plan for your business, or to find out how we can reduce existing costs, please get in touch.

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