Water Consumption Reduction

Reducing your water consumption will help the environment and could save your organisations thousands each year.

Before you can think about reducing your water consumption, you need to have an accurate picture of the way you currently consume water.

We will carry out a full free audit of your water usage.

Upon analysis of the data our consultants will provide a comprehensive and detailed report outlining areas that we think savings can be made. We can then go through the report and decide on which areas you would like to go ahead and implement. BCC will fully support you to implement all cost saving measures.

On your behalf we will:

  • invite a number of reputable suppliers to quote for the supply and installation of smart data loggers, one sensor for each water meter;
  • evaluate their quotations and make recommendations to you;
  • oversee the installation of the smart data loggers;
  • establish the normal consumption profile for your site by remotely monitoring;
  • analyse the data and send our experts on to your site to investigate ways to reduce your water consumption and effluent production;
  • oversee the implementation of their recommendations.

Water conservation measures we will also consider include:

  • flow controls on toilets, taps, showers;
  • rain water harvesting;
  • use of water in production and cooling systems;
  • leak detection;
  • water pressure problems;
  • water use in swimming pools

Soft loans and Enhanced Capital Allowances

Our experts can provide you with advice on which equipment is subject to soft loans and Enhanced Capital Allowances.

Soft loans mean that the money is lent to you over 4 or 5 years. You are allowed to repay it without interest. Enhanced Capital Allowances means that you can write off the cost of the approved equipment against you profits in the year purchased.

Contact us to find out more about how we can help you reduce your water consumption.

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