Water Audit

Get an accurate picture of your current water consumption by doing a water audit.

As water consultants we will carry out a free independent evaluation of your existing water charges to identify how we can make savings and/or achieve possible refunds. We have recovered up to 6 years of overcharges for some of our clients through our initial water audit, saving them a large sum of money.

We can also carry out a full free audit of your water usage. This can be done using smart meters, which transmit real-time data to a central computer, to remotely monitor water consumption.

This analysis can highlight if equipment is left on overnight or if thermostat settings are wrong. Also water leaks can often go undetected for long periods of time resulting in large bills at the end of a quarter. We will automatically spot such anomalies and immediately alert you by SMS or email.

If you have suffered from an underground water leak you will know how costly it can be. Business Cost Consultants can often reclaim some or all of the charges for water losses.

Upon analysis of the data our consultants will provide a comprehensive and detailed report outlining areas that we think savings can be made. We can then go through the report and decide on which areas you would like to go ahead and implement. BCC will fully support you to implement all cost saving measures.

Contact us for a free water audit or to find out more about how we can help you reduce your water consumption.

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