Water Management

Reduce business water costs while also saving you and your staff time.

Business Cost Consultants water management service has been helping clients reduce business water costs for over 18 years.

Whilst the water industry has theoretically deregulated in England and Wales, in practice there are no alternative suppliers to the regional water companies (Scotland chose a different model to provide deregulation from April, 2008).

Therefore, the best ways to make considerable savings in water charges throughout the UK are to:

  • reduce your consumption;
  • challenge the charges on your water bills;
  • ensure you have the correct size of water meter.

Business Cost Consultants can help with all three. Our specialists can offer independent advice, manage suppliers and bills and help you reduce costs and consumption.

Your organisation will be appointed a dedicated consultant and client advisor. You will also have access to telephone and email helplines and will be provided with management reports to help with your water and budget management.

Remember, we get paid out of the savings we make for our clients. Therefore, no savings means no fees to be paid.

Our water management service includes:

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