Telecoms audit

If you haven’t had a professional audit of your telecoms services in the last 18 months, there is a very high chance that you’re paying too much.

As independent telecom consultants we will carry out a free telecoms audit of your charges to identify how we can make savings and/or achieve possible refunds.

Our detailed, independent analysis will include auditing the costs for your line rentals, your voice and your data traffic and your maintenance costs.

Armed with the relevant data, we will then generate a comprehensive and detailed report identifying areas where savings can be made.

Once you have digested the contents of the report, we will visit you to establish which recommendations you want to accept, then we will implement the accepted proposals on your behalf.

All of our clients are presented with an updated annual report. We also provide tailored reports throughout the year to help with budgeting and forecasting as well as independent advice on any changes in the telecoms market that could affect your organisation.

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