Supplier Disputes

Over the past 18 years we have been working with accountants and solicitors to resolve complex energy or water supplier disputes.

Have you ever spent so much time pursuing an energy or water supplier dispute that you wondered if it was all worth it?

Business Cost Consultants has many years of experience dealing with these situations and are in a position to offer our expertise and advice which will benefit your organisation. As soon as you hand the case over to our experts, you can get back to focusing on your own organisation again.

In most cases no court action is necessary. However, we are willing to support you and your legal team as expert witnesses, should that prove necessary. We will take all the worry out of the situation for you, and will add weight to any evidence that is needed in the case, improving your chances of a positive outcome.

What’s more, we are willing to take on complex billing disputes on a no win-no fee basis. If we don’t win the case for you, then we charge no fees! It’s very simple — we handle all the problems associated with the case, which would otherwise eat into your time, and we are only paid if your case is successful.

How does the Dispute Resolution Service work?

  • You (or your professional advisor) send the file to us, providing us with the story so far and copies of any relevant bills and correspondence.
  • We thoroughly analyse the file.
  • We get back to you or your advisor if we require more information.
  • We confirm if the dispute is worth continuing.
  • If it is, we will set out our terms in writing.
  • If you want to proceed you sign the agreement and a letter of authority.
  • We take up your case for you.





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