Social media marketing

Every business now requires an online presence in order to reach and resonate with potential and existing customers or clients. One of the best ways to find, reach and engage your audience is through social media marketing. We offer tailored audits to suggest the appropriate social media marketing tools and services for your business, and then find the right people to carry out your social media marketing. Whether your objective is to drive more enquiries, traffic or sales through your website, or increase footfall in a retail property, we can put you in touch with the right solution to achieve this effectively.

Free Audit

Our digital marketing expert will carry out a remote social media marketing audit. This includes:

  • A list of good points and areas of improvement in website and social media presence
  • Our suggestions for improvement in digital strategy and social media marketing
  • Recommended platforms for your business and how to optimise them
  • A meeting to discuss the audit
  • Next steps to improve your online presence and digital marketing


Individual Services

Our primary aim is to ensure you get the best return from your online presence and social media marketing efforts. We are able to provide a solution which fits in with your budget and needs, with no one size fits all service. We can focus entirely on optimising your website for visitors, or solely creating and improving your social media presence, or alternatively we can audit a combination of both.

Within the audit, some additional improvements may be referred to in order to maximize your ROI online. This can include things like website updates, rebranding, mobile optimisation, content creation, video production and social media advertising. Whilst advertising on social media requires additional budgeting, our aim is to provide you with the best return on this spend.


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