Those in the public sector will have been made aware of the changes in thresholds for procurements made over £62,000. This requires organisations to carry out a fully compliant OJEU competition which takes time and requires specialist resources to ensure that all the regulations set out by the European Journal are fully met.

Business Cost Consultants has recognised that this may have a negative effect in allowing organisations the ability to buy utilities in a cost effective manner and wouldn’t therefore allow you to buy should the market have moved favourably as has been the situation in the past.

Our Service:

We carry out a full OJEU compliant competition to build a Framework for Utility Supplies: TED 20160217-005492 (16-060671-001) which would cover the utilities:
• Electricity
• Gas
• Water
This competition captures the best utility supply companies to join a framework that allows BCC to act on your behalf in procuring utility services ensuring that governance and legal compliance are fully delivered for you using this new and exciting Framework, giving you peace of mind.


1. Fully documented and OJEU Compliance for all your utility procurement and spend above £62,425.
2. The ability to continue to seek out the best rates for services in a fluid marketplace.
3. Continuation of Quick Quote OJEU compliant five-day turnaround procurement to capture the best offers available. (In simple terms nothing changes for you)
4. Peace of mind that all legal procurement legislation has been covered in every procurement that falls under the new OJEU spend threshold.


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