Health and Safety

Our health and safety experts have experience in offering advice and savings for a variety of organisations, ranging from charitable/not-for-profit organisations to private companies in virtually every industry in the UK. Working with those who meet international standards ISO 9001, 18001 and 27001, and who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (Reg. No. 468574) for the sale of non-investment insurance contracts, we ensure your healthy and safety needs are met to the highest standard, in an efficient and practical way for your business.

Whether your organisation has 1 or 1000+ employees, our experts can help with employment health and safety. Services are tailored to meet individual organisational needs and the more employees or members, the more cost effective it becomes. This can include things like the set up of group schemes for associations and other member based organisations.


We offer a health check meeting with one of our expert consultants which will:

  • Be free & without any obligation.
  • Help you understand how the latest Employment and Health & Safety legislation changes may affect your business,
  • Identify any areas of non-compliance
  • Explain what the risks are, areas you need to improve and what your options are.
  • Provide you with free access to telephone advice on any urgent employment and/or health & safety matters during the meeting.
  • Help you comply with all your legal obligations as an employer so that you can focus on what you do best, which is to grow the business and be more successful without having to worry about staff issues.

Additional Services

Our experts can help you get the most from your staff while ensuring their safety and wellbeing, by providing the following additional services:

  • Telephone/Email Advice – 24h 365 days
  • On-site Consultancy Support
  • Employment/HR and Health & Safety policy documentation
  • Online facilities
  • Training
  • Legal Support, including Insurance in the event of an Employment Tribunal or an issue with the Health & Safety enforcement authorities.
  • Employee Assistance Programme products that include all the benefits expected of an EAP, while adding value for employees through online health and fitness assessments and management, as well as Stress Audit and Management information to assist employers.

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