Reducing Energy Consumption

Business Cost Consultants work with you to eliminate unnecessary energy consumption and to optimise the efficiency of the energy you do use.

Before you can reduce energy consumption, you need to know how much you use. We will use smart meters, smart data loggers and specially developed software to keep track of your energy consumption and costs. Armed with this consumption data, we then may send our experts on to your site(s) to investigate wastage of energy.

Our energy consumption monitoring service will provide you with:

  • accurate accounts and budgets;
  • reduced costs;
  • improved forecasting of future consumption;
  • zoning of your premises to find out how much energy is being used in each area;
  • identification of inefficiencies and wastage (real-time alerts to leaks and other anomalies);
  • online password protected bespoke reports on energy consumption, including “what-if” scenarios (accessible 24/7);
  • reduced carbon emissions and improved environmental responsibility.

We will generate a comprehensive and detailed report of suggested energy conservation measures. Once you have considered the contents of the report, we will visit you to establish which recommendations you want to accept, then we will implement the accepted proposals on your behalf.

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