Energy Procurement Strategy

We manage the whole energy procurement process on your behalf, ensuring a smooth handover to your new supplier.

At Business Cost Consultants, our experts have years of experience in the energy market meaning that we can obtain the best prices by analysing the energy markets to determine the best “time to market” (timing on when to buy energy contracts); knowing the best way to present energy data to suppliers; knowing which suppliers are likely to be most interested in your individual energy profile.

Our procurement service includes:

  • Thorough analysis of existing energy tariffs;
  • Market advice & updates, tracking markets, market intelligence – we will track all prices throughout the contract period, to ensure the total protection of your budget;
  • Formal Tender – including data collation, tender documentation, market knowledge;
  • Source alternative routes to market;
  • Detailed procurement report following tender;
  • Thorough review of supplier’s contract terms and conditions;
  • Contract transfer process management;
  • Verification of accuracy of initial invoices.

Whether you have a procurement team, or you deal with the purchasing yourself, there are definite advantages in letting those with specialist knowledge and experience deal with the tendering process on your behalf. Business Cost Consultants often work with finance directors, mechanical engineers, facilities and maintenance managers to procure energy.

Contact us to find out more about how we can devise an energy procurement strategy to meet your needs and ensure you get the best prices and service for your organisation.

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