Energy Audit

Our energy consultants will carry out a free energy audit to determine the best ways for your organisation to reduce electricity and gas costs.

When Business Cost Consultants are first engaged as your energy consultants, we want to be seen as part of your team and fully understand your existing electricity and gas services. Our team of consultants will conduct a free energy audit to analyse the previous 12 months electricity and gas accounts.

The data extracted from our analysis will allow us to create a central database spanning the whole energy portfolio, to align contract dates and rationalise suppliers.

Our free energy audit will determine:

  • if you are being charged at the rates agreed with your supplier;
  • any historical overcharges;
  • if your load factor is appropriate;
  • if your site is operating at its most efficient.

We will use all data collected to generate a comprehensive and detailed report identifying areas where savings can be made. Once you have digested the contents of the report, we will visit you to establish which recommendations you want to accept, then we will implement the accepted proposals on your behalf.

We update the full energy audit and report annually. However, we can provide tailored reports throughout the year to help with budgeting and keep you up-to-date with any changes in your energy services and explain how those changes have affected your organisation. We will also provide recommendations relating to changes in each of the energy markets, which affect your organisation.

Because Business Cost Consultants is totally independent and not tied to any utility suppliers, we find it very important that the energy consumption data collected is independent from your utility supplier, so it is not affected if you switch supplier.

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