Independent advice on ESOS and ISO50001

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory scheme for large businesses in the UK. By the 5th of December 2015 all businesses in the UK that meet a minimum criteria will be required to carry out an energy assessment which identifies where they consume the most energy and how to reduce this energy. Organisations who do not comply risk financial penalties.

Businesses that are required to take part will have over 250 employees, or an annual turnover of €50 million and an annual balance sheet in excess of €43 million. However, the criteria is not always this straight forward with different rules applying for organisational groups and companies who already comply with other schemes.

Business Cost Consultants can help with advice on ESOS by doing:

• Fully managed service to achieve compliance
• Qualification assessment
• Gap analysis for ESOS or alternative routes to compliance such as ISO50001
• Strategic planning
• Utilise existing data and previous audits to minimise time and cost
• Audit energy and transport
• Identify low-investment cost-reduction opportunities

BCC’s service is designed to minimise clients times and resources for achieving compliance and meeting any other corporate objectives.


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