CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme

Organisations that don’t fully comply with the CRC scheme or provide incorrect information are subject to steep financial penalties.

If your business consumes more than 6,000 megawatt-hours (MWh) of electricity in one year via half-hourly meters then CRC compliance is mandatory, and if your business is part of a group then compliance is measured by the electricity usage of the group as a whole.

Business Cost Consultants can help manage your obligations in order to avoid financial penalties by:

  • overseeing and managing compliance obligations
  • advice on timescales / deadlines
  • advice on documentation and guidance
  • advice on updates and changes to the scheme
  • preparing and submitting all footprint reports, annual reports & other disclosure requirements
  • maintaining a detailed evidence pack and audit trail
  • assistance with monitoring consumption against pre-defined targets
  • advice on metering / data logging
  • assistance with general administration
  • assistance with general management of energy costs including reporting, budgeting, accrual management & forecasting

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