Cleaning services

Many businesses outsource cleaning services, but how many are getting the best value for the cost? Our aim is to ensure you receive the appropriate level of quality cleaning for your business, at the best value for money.

We take an advisory, cost conscious approach on the basis of the long term benefits that a commercial cleaning service provides.

When a customer wants to reduce unnecessary costs, we pride ourselves at seeing opportunities which may have otherwise been missed. We challenge historical and inherited situations where there may be too many operatives, an unusually high rate of pay, an over-frequency of tasks or unsuitable hygiene services. We will work with you to discuss your objectives and ensure our audit can put you in touch with the correct cleaning solution.


Free Audit

Our free onsite audit by our experienced advisor will include:


  • A commercial cost comparison for like-for-like services
  • Looking for ways to achieve your objectives more efficiently
  • Specific advice on recommended productivity levels of cleaners (in terms of sq ft cleaned per man hour)
  • Specific advice on time of day of cleaning
  • Specific advice on suitability of appropriate hygiene consumables
  • Specific advice on frequency of window cleaning and other periodic services
  • Specific advice on a waste management programme


Individual Services

Our main aim is ensuring you get the best service for your company at the best cost. In addition, we are committed to find a long-term quality cleaning solution for you, and look to find you a company which can:


  • Meet environmental and quality standards such as ISO14001 and ISO9001
  • Offer continuous improvement
  • Cary out Risk Assessments and Method Statements, bespoke for all sites
  • Carry out regular Health and Safety audits on each site
  • Monitor time attendance management, where applicable, through freefone login/logout process.
  • Offer regular Quality Assessment Reports, with percentage scores.
  • Offer regular site visits with client to discuss ongoing service.

In addition to a bespoke commercial cleaning service, we can also advise on the following services:

  • Hygiene services and consumables
  • Window Cleaning
  • Waste Management
  • IT Cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Blind Cleaning
  • High Level Cleaning
  • Hard floor maintenance
  • Deep Cleans


Case Study

In 2010 our cleaning contractor was appointed to clean 30 premises in Scotland, and the following year, another 30 sites in the North of England. This included their Head Office and flagship office. This was cleaned by staff employed by the client. They were on high wages, inappropriate hours, and the cleaning standards were poor.

Our contractor interviewed all staff and worked with them through an initial period. After a short period we carried out our recommendation of a re-structure of cleaning. We changed the shift times, retrained the staff, mutually agreed a more sustainable rate of pay, managed out the repeat poor performers and reduced the hours considerably. Each action we took resulted in better value for the client in terms of cost and benefit.

This resulted in a 30% cost reduction (approximately £30,000 pa) and a hugely improved cleaning service.

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