Holiday Season: Outsourcing v In House Provision

Now that we are getting into summer holiday season, many businesses will have a regular flow of staff on annual leave over the next few months. Whilst it’s normal practice to have a holiday cover policy or expectations in place, this isn’t normally something we consider extending to business services.

This can cover anything from office cleaning to procuring equipment or utilities. It can have an impact on productivity if not managed properly, which is why many businesses should consider outsourcing services such as janitorial and cleaning.

24/7 service

If you have a single in-house cleaner, you may find that you have to deal with bursts of no cleaning service whilst that staff member takes their entitled annual leave. janitor-1357278_1920Alternatively, you may find yourself using up valuable time and resources trying to find temporary cover for the periods of leave. However, if you outsourced the service to a contractor, you wouldn’t be without a cleaner or janitor in any case. By outsourcing you can expect a 24/7 service when you need it, with the contractor taking on the responsibility of finding cover and ensuring your service requirements are always met.

Focused resources

Sometimes seemingly simple tasks can take away precious time and resources from a staff member’s main job role. For example, dealing with utility bills, managing account queries and negotiating the best deal can become a timely task in itself, without having to factor in the times you may be put on hold by the gas provider, or having to look out past bills as supporting evidence for queries or disputes.

printer-790396_1920Similarly, finding the best office equipment such as printing and shredding machines, which exactly suit the needs of your business, can take much longer than simply choosing the first one you see on Google. By employing the expertise of a professional in that field, you can guarantee the best deal with the most suitable equipment or service for your business needs without compromising on time or resources of your full-time staff. Again, you also have the added benefit of being able to procure and manage any of these services whenever suits, so you won’t have to wait for the designated utilities or equipment person to return from their holiday before you can get an issue sorted.

Peace of mind

The overall benefit of outsourcing services over in-house provision or procurement is that it offers peace of mind for business owners and managers. Your business should be able to run smoothly even when staff are absent and on annual leave, and so outsourcing things like procurement ensures you will always have a dedicated person with the time and resources to effectively carry out the task without worrying about things like workload and staff cover.

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