The Great BCC Bake Off

Like a lot of workplaces across the country, the office at Business Cost Consultants each Thursday morning has been full of discussion about the previous night’s Great British Bake Off episode. There’s no denying that the Great British Bake off is now a staple in national culture, and many organisations have been re-creating the premise of the show in their offices.

Our office is a bit on the small side to have a physical bake-off during working hours, so the members of staff who fancy themselves as future contestants created something of their own choosing over the weekend and brought it in on Monday morning to face the judges (also known as the members of staff who would rather eat cake than make it).

We weren’t fancy enough to organise a theme like the show itself and everyone was welcome to bake anything they wanted which led to us having a mix of baked goods on the day including chilli and chocolate muffins, millionaires shortbread, banana cupcakes and even a pasta bake.

After a difficult round of judging, the two ‘judges’ picked their individual favourites so we had two winners for the day. Our winners were the two newest members of staff Katy and Jane (they’re newness has meant their photos are yet to be on the staff pages). Jane brought in a walnut and coffee cake (Judges comments “great presentation and interesting flavour“) whilst Katy brought in some millionaires shortbread (the judge who pick this said “I usually don’t like white chocolate but it was lovely combined with milk chocolate”).

The winning cakes:

Katie's Millionaire Shortbread Jane's walnut and coffee cake







Happy Baking!

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