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Do you find that your business costs are creeping up year on year? This is why we exist – to help businesses like yours reduce your regular outgoings so you can focus on driving your business forward. However, if you find that your business costs are spiralling out of control, you can also get help from the Scottish Government.

Resource Efficient Scotland

Resource Efficient Scotland is a programme delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, designed to help businesses in all sectors reduce their outgoings. This also includes an unsecured business loan to help cover your costs while you look to make savings.

The interest-free and unsecured loans range from £1k to £100k, and can be used to implement a range of measures including efficient heating or lighting systems, insulation and draught proofing, water-efficient fixtures and renewable technologies.

Loans are available for small and medium sized businesses, with advisers on hand to support businesses through the loan application. Resource Efficient Scotland can also undertake an audit report to help fast-track your loan application. If you’d like more information about how they can help you, visit their website here.

Long term cost savings

The loan from Resource Efficient Scotland is designed to help smaller businesses in the shorter term, helping you cut costs and repay the loan over time. However, Business Cost Consultants can help you make cost savings year after year.

We are experts at saving businesses on the cost of regular services including electricity, water, gas, telecoms, cleaning, office supplies and much more. Whilst a loan from Resource Efficient Scotland can help in the short term, we continuously offer ways to reduce costs.

Our service includes a thorough free audit of the areas in which you’re looking to make savings, recommendations for improvements and a dedicated account manager always looking to find cost reductions for you. We can procure gas, electricity and water at competitive rates and are experts at dealing with billing errors, supplier disputes and more. Above all, we consistently negotiate the best pricing structure for you and monitor usage to tailor a cost-reduction strategy to your business specifically.

For more information on how we help make long-term savings for businesses, or to arrange a free audit, please call us on 0141 226 8525 or get in touch here.

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