Do You Qualify for OJEU?

The “Official Journal of the European Union” or OJEU threshold rules changed in 2016, which could affect your business in the public sector. If you are procuring for goods or services which will cost over £50,000, you may now be thinking of running a full OJEU tender to comply with these new regulations, or using an external agency to do so.

However, Business Cost Consultants have created a solution which is cost-effective, more efficient and more importantly, is fully compliant with Procurement Scotland and EU legislation.

OJEU timescales

If you are procuring Gas, Electricity or Water services, a risk averse OJEU tender can take up to 120 days. This can be impractical on a number of levels. For instance, 4 months waiting on utilities can set back plans for your business, whether that’s getting tenants in the building by a specific time, or simply completing the job to schedule.

Additionally, Wholesale Energy prices are very volatile. This could mean that if energy prices move in your favour, you may have missed out on lower pricing by the time you get a supplier in place.

How to BCC combat this?

Using our framework agreement, we can run a fully compliant tender for you within 15 days. Our framework agreement is recognised by the SFHA. This obviously minimises timescales dramatically, meaning you can ensure minimal disruption or price fluctuations.

In addition, we offer a completely proactive service which establishes the best utility suppliers on the market. There are no conflicts of interest with us as we are a fully independent business, established for over 20 years in the field.

Our service doesn’t have to stop at the procurement stage either. We offer expert advice on grants for energy and water conservation projects, and can operate a full billing management service if required.

At Business Cost Consultants we tender quickly and negotiate a low price, ensuring you save both time and money. For more information on our OJEU compliant framework, or to arrange a free audit, please get in touch or call the office on 0141 226 8525.

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