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Investigation of water issues at Ibrox Stadium leads to dramatic savings


Founded more than a century ago, Rangers FC is a Scottish football club. The club plays home games at Ibrox Stadium in Glasgow.


Shortly after Business Cost Consultants were engaged as the utility consultants for one of Scotland’s leading football clubs, Rangers FC mentioned that they were having issues with water pressure and flow on match days.


Business Cost Consultants sent in an outsourced water specialist to investigate the water systems and identify the source of the problems. As well as working closely with the on-site facilities team, BCC’s experts installed data loggers on to the water meters to monitor the consumption and flow on a 24/7 basis. The detailed survey and the information from the loggers helped the team identify several issues, which were quickly resolved.

As a result of the data logging, BCC identified that the consumption was higher than expected and there were some inefficiencies in how the water was being used. The client was presented with a full report, detailing the findings and recommendations. The high quality information in the report assisted the Facilities Manager to make better informed decisions.


As a result of the advice from BCC’s water specialists, the water consumption at Ibrox stadium was reduced by more than 65% and water pressure problems were eliminated. Rangers Football Club will continue to benefit from the financial savings (over £100,000 per annum), as a result of reduced water consumption and waste water charges, long into the future. BCC believe that further water savings are possible and will be working closely with Rangers FC on a rainwater harvesting project.

Business Cost Consultants will also be focusing on reducing the inefficiencies in energy consumption at Rangers Football Club.

“By accurately monitoring our usages Business Cost Consultants were able to recommend quantifiable cost savings with respect to all utilities with the largest saving to date, centering around our water costs. Due to match day demands we traditionally suffered from water shortages through the course of an event. With the help of Business Cost Consultants this is no longer an issue and perhaps more importantly the ongoing yearly savings associated with these works far outweigh all capital expenditure.”

Ross Macaskill, Facilities Manager

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