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The Raeburn Group saves thousands on mobile phone costs


The Raeburn Group comprises Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd Raeburn Brick Ltd. and a few other companies. Although based near East Kilbride they have depots and engineers throughout the UK. Raeburn Drilling & Geotechnical Ltd. was formed in 1985 and the company has established its position as a leading ground investigation specialist. Raeburn Brick is a leading manufacturer of bricks.


With the Group expanding, Raeburn Group Ltd was looking for ways to reduce their ever increasing mobile phone costs and so appointed Business Cost Consultants (BCC) to help.


On auditing the mobile phone costs for all the companies in the group, BCC’s team of telecoms experts noticed that the client was using a number of different suppliers and paying excessive rates.

The team spent time gathering detailed data, analysing this data and producing a call profile for each handset. After discussions with several managers and directors, BCC compiled a comprehensive tender document setting out all of the client’s needs. The team then sent the tender document to several reputable suppliers able to manage an account with over 150 handsets.


As a result of the tender BCC managed to save the client in excess of £20,000 per annum (over 32%) whilst enabling them to remain with their current provider and receive an improved service.

In addition BCC’s team managed to secure over £7,500 of equipment free of charge >as well as make a saving of around £1,500 per annum on the cost of office to mobile calls.

Business Cost Consultants has really taken pressure off myself and my staff. Dealing with telecom bills for our group of companies was becoming a nightmare to administer. They have brought clarity and sanity to our telecom bills and services. We are also able to refer about 10 telecom salesmen a week to BCC. All of that saves us so much time and hassle. That is in addition to the substantial savings they have made for us, particularly in mobile phones, telecoms and LPG costs.

Jim Raeburn, Managing Director

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