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Business Cost Consultants secured Skye-high savings for luxury hotel


Kinloch Lodge is a picturesque hotel situated on the Isle of Skye and offering the ultimate in relaxation to its guests. It is a family owned and run establishment, renowned throughout the country for its exceptional hospitality and providing guests with a unique hotel experience. Located at the foot of Kinloch Hill, it is the ideal setting for a break and was named as officially being the “UK’s cosiest hotel” by the Daily Telegraph.


Business Cost Consultants (BCC) was engaged by Kinloch Lodge Hotel with regards to this dispute. With extensive industry experience in these matters BCC‘s team was confident that they could help their new client.The owners of Kinloch Lodge became in involved in a dispute with British Gas relating to electricity supply at one of their buildings. British Gas had presented Kinloch Lodge with an invoice of charges dating back to 2007, demanding that the full amount be paid. Disputes of this nature can become complex and time consuming for any business and can distract attention away from a company’s main focus.


BCC’s first step was to negotiate with British Gas and arrange for the account to be placed on hold while investigation could be carried out. This action took much of the pressure and stress off the shoulders of Kinloch Lodge and allowed the owners to concentrate their full attention on providing a fantastic service to guests.

Although at first glance it would appear that British Gas were in a very strong position to recover the charges in question, Business Cost Consultants raised issues with the supplier regarding how this account had been managed and suggested that it had in fact been neglected.

BCC’s team of highly skilled analysts was able to carefully build a case based upon consumption data, meter readings and previous billing issues. This gave a clear picture of how Kinloch Lodge used and managed its electricity, putting BCC in a stronger stance with regards to investigating whether or not these charges were just.

BCC’s team then utilised their wealth of experience in negotiating with suppliers in order to strengthen Kinloch Lodge’s position in the dispute.


Following several communications with the supplier Business Cost Consultants was able to secure a new offer from the supplier with regards to the outstanding balance. This lead to the charges invoiced to The Kinloch Lodge Hotel being reduced by 98.4%. This was a substantial saving to the client and a very positive result for Business Cost Consultants. This is further proof of our pedigree in dealing effectively with cases of dispute resolution.

“We never stop being grateful to Business Cost Consultants and only wish they had come into our lives years ago! They have saved our business huge amounts of money. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Isabella Macdonald, Managing Director

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