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Substantial gas & water cost savings for large food manufacturer

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James Fleming & Co Ltd manufactures specialist and innovative products primarily for the bakery, pastry and confectionery industries.

The two individual brands, Flemings and Mather’s are renowned world-wide for quality and excellence. Flemings, established in 1860, specialise in fondants, inverts, caramel, jellies etc, whereas Mather’s brand is renowned for jams, mincemeat, pie fillings and curds.


James Fleming & Co. was using heavy fuel oil to produce steam for the processing of foodstuffs at their factory near Edinburgh (Fleming’s).

To reduce their costs, improve the availability of supplies and to reduce their carbon emissions, the client decided to replace the heavy fuel oil with mains gas and to convert the boilers. They initially shopped around to obtain prices to install the new gas supply and convert the boilers. The client then asked Business Cost Consultants (BCC), who was already managing supplies for all sites, to obtain more competitive prices.

BCC was also asked to provide recommendations on ways to reduce water costs for Mather’s.


BCC’s team of experts managed the tender process to ensure that the client was receiving the best deal possible. The team also investigated water consumption in order to identify ways to reduce water costs.

Upon visiting the site BCC’s team of experts discovered that water meters of the wrong sizes were being used. Further savings were identified through overcharges and trade effluent.


BCC’s team of experts successfully reduced installation costs by £42,000. Furthermore, replacement of machinery has resulted in James Fleming & Co savings thousands of pounds per annum on their running costs as well as using less energy and significantly reducing carbon emissions.

With respect to water savings, as well as successfully achieving a rebate of over £13,000, BCC’s team was able to save the client over £2,000 annually. Coupled with this, BCC was also able to identify a significant trade effluent saving, resulting in a total saving in excess of £33,000.

“Business Cost Consultants have been managing our utilities for over 8 years. During that time they have saved us tens of thousands of pounds on our utility costs. I was very pleasantly surprised when they managed to save us about £42,000 on one project — the installation of a new gas supply. One of the main benefits to myself and my team however has been the reduction in hassle, we know we can rely on Business Cost Consultants to look after our interests in the time-consuming and frustrating business of dealing with all our utility suppliers.”

Anthony How, Group Financial Controller

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