Case Studies

Water consumption decrease at Parkhead Stadium


Founded more than a century ago, Celtic FC is a Scottish football club. The club plays home games at Celtic Park, commonly referred to as “Parkhead”, in Glasgow.


Business Cost Consultants were engaged by Celtic FC as utility consultants. Upon being appointed as Celtic’s utility consultants we advised that the water consumption should be investigated.
At the time, Celtic Football Club’s Facilities Manager thought there was nothing to lose because of the contingency basis on which Business Cost Consultants work. If we are unable to save any money for our clients, we charge no fees.


Business Cost Consultants had their water specialist investigate the water usage at Celtic’s main stadium in Parkhead, Glasgow and their nearby training ground. The team started by installing smart data loggers to the water meters, which enabled them to remotely monitor the water consumption.

BCC’s water experts then analysed the data, which showed the volume of water consumed every half hour.

By logging of the water consumption on a 24/7 basis, BCC were able to identify inefficiencies on both match days and non-match days.


Through systematically reducing the inefficiencies, BCC were able to significantly improve the efficiency of how the fans and staff used the water within the stadium. The team were also able to identify potential water leaks and thoroughly investigate them, using advanced technology to trace underground pipes.

The water consumption at the main stadium at Celtic Football Club was reduced by more than 40%. This not only resulted in financial savings of tens of thousands of pounds per annum for the club, but also improved their environmental responsibility – it takes electricity to supply and process the water we use.

BCC’s team believe that further water savings are possible and will be working closely with Celtic on other projects, such as rainwater harvesting. Business Cost Consultants will also be focusing on reducing inefficiencies in the energy consumption at Celtic Football Club.

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