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Contract negotiations achieve great success in removing energy security deposits


Castle Leisure Group owns and operates several bars and nightclubs across Scotland. With venues in Edinburgh, Falkirk, Stirling, Dumbarton and Dunfermline, CLG continues to be one of the leading multiple operators in the country.


In the current economic climate the request for security deposits when switching energy supplier is all too common. Our client spoke with many energy providers and the responses were the same, large deposits prior to supply.


Our team of experts successfully negotiated the full removal of any security deposits as well as ensure a very competitive rate on energy.

To achieve this, the Business Cost Consultants team worked with the full portfolio of energy providers in the UK, an option that would not be available to brokers. Once pricing and conditions had been reviewed, we then renegotiated with a short list of suppliers until we achieved the goal our client had asked for.

As a result of negotiating a contract without a security bond this resulted in a saving of £31,010 for Castle Leisure Group.

Thanks to the assistance of Business Cost Consultants, not only did we manage to save a lot of time when selecting a new energy supplier, we also managed to escape the large security deposit that many newly incorporated businesses are asked for in the current climate, another great result by the team at BCC.

Keith Liddle, Financial Controller

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