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Hotel operator saves 16.5% on utility costs and wins gold environmental award

Client:Hotel operator wins environmental award

base2stay is a ‘luxury budget’ hotel operator with sites in Liverpool and London offering a 4* hotel environment at a reasonable and affordable price.

Not only does base2stay embrace the environmental agenda, but by putting what guests want at the core of the concept and encouraging them to spread their spend amongst base2stay’s neighbours and partners, economic and social sustainability is promoted.


base2stay was concerned about the rising energy costs in recent years and so appointed Business Cost Consultants (BCC) in 2007 to carry out an audit of all utility costs to find ways to reduce utility spend.

The client was also looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and ensure “sustainability” was at the core of their business model.

Awards and other accolades are now available to a business who can demonstrate a real and conscious effort to reduce their impact on the environment and add “sustainability” to their business model. One such incentive is The Green Tourism Business Scheme (“GTBS”), who can appoint awards to tourist based businesses who have taken measures to reduce their establishment’s impact on the environment. Base2stay were keen to enter these awards to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability in business.


BCC firstly audited all bills and usage and provided a detailed report to the client highlighting areas in which savings could be made.

The detailed report identified that many of the supplies were on uncompetitive tariffs and so BCC’s team recommended putting supplies out to tender immediately. BCC also identified overcharges on previous bills which could be recouped

The report was also used to provide expert advice and assist the client in highlighting areas which could strengthen the case for winning a GTBS award. Strategies such as more energy efficient lighting, energy saving devices and recycling 90% of the hotel’s waste were all implemented.


To date BCC have successfully saved base2stay 16.5% on utility spend as well as helped to reduce consumption. In addition to achieving cost and consumption savings, their comprehensive management service has helped reduce administration time for the client.

Furthermore, not only did BCC help the client save thousands on energy costs, but their expertise also helped base2stay achieve the highest possible award from the GTBS.

BCC also registered base2stay for the CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment) to avoid financial penalties and will continue to support base2stay manage the process.

BCC continue to work with base2stay to identify new ways to make savings across all utilities and provide guidance on the best tariffs available and any changes to the CRC.

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