3 alternative routes to ESOS compliance

We’re now almost into the final six months of the first ESOS compliance period. By the 5th of December 2015 all businesses which meet the compliance threshold are required to have completed their assessments. The official assessment requires companies to record all their energy consumption and identify ways to reduce it (which is then signed … Continued

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How Housing Association tenants can reduce their energy bills

Business Cost Consultants help organisations in all sectors reduce their energy costs; however one sector we’ve developed a speciality for is the social housing sector. When we reduce costs for a housing association we are only responsible for the commercial premises such as the offices or shared areas, such as hallways. The tenants are usually … Continued

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How to avoid a dispute with your energy supplier

An energy dispute is a stressful situation for any business to find themselves in. We at Business Cost Consultants have successfully resolved disputes worth thousands of pounds and whilst in most cases the supplier was handling the account irresponsibly, we have come across disputes which could have been avoided if the consumer had been more … Continued

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5 energy procurement myths busted

When developing an energy procurement strategy for a business there is a lot to consider. There is also a lot of research to be carried out. Research that might not be accurate and could end up costing a business. In this blog post we’ll be rounding up five common believes about energy procurement which are … Continued

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Managing utilities in-house vs. hiring a consultancy

Utility management is not typically at the fore front of many managers’ minds. But for any company wanting to improve their bottom line keeping utility costs under control should be part of their finance strategy. However, whoever deals with the utilities at a company usually has other priorities as well. Finance also has the accounts … Continued

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Electricity Market Reform and changes to business energy bills

Electricity Market Reform (EMR) is a term businesses might have heard banded about, but never read up on. The terms Contracts for Difference (CfD) and Capacity Mechanism (CM) might be completely unfamiliar to businesses. However businesses will become familiar with these terms as they will start appearing on business energy bills in April and are … Continued

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how to check business energy charges are correct

Five charges to check are correct on business energy bills

All business invoices and bills need to be checked. Whether it’s the photographer that was recently hired or an industry magazine subscription. Energy bills should also be validated however they are usually more complex than other invoices. Despite how complex they can be checking utility bills is important for any organisation wanting to improve their … Continued

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