Choosing a Water Supplier

In Scotland businesses have had the freedom to choose their water supplier for the last 9 years, and from April 2017, businesses in England and Wales have been allowed to follow suit. This offers more competition in the markets and this control over supply should be greatly beneficial to businesses, but just how easy is … Continued

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Ensure You’re Properly Insured

One of the most critical business decisions involves arranging suitable insurance cover at the best price. Not having the correct business insurance in place could result in a variety of unfortunate scenarios, all of which can prove costly and detrimental to your business. Insurance is essential in business, from professional indemnity to appropriate premises insurance, … Continued

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Savings and Successes – 2016 in a Nutshell

As we look forward to an exciting and fruitful 2017 at Business Cost Consultants, we would like to recognise the strengths and successes which have lead us to this fortunate position at the beginning of a prosperous new year. Investment in new technology We believe in investing in our work in order to provide a … Continued

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Business Cost Consultants 12 Days of Christmas

Never mind Lords-a-leaping and geese-a-laying, Business Cost Consultants brings you some great cost saving ideas you can implement in our 12 Days of Christmas: Audits need Conducting By simply providing three months’ bills for each of your utilities for a free Desktop Audit BCC can quickly ascertain if there is scope for improvement in what … Continued

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Procurement – Saving More than Money

When it comes to the likes of energy procurement, many people believe it’s solely about the costs that can be saved in terms of regular billing. However, if you have the right procurement strategy, there are many other ways in which you can save, allowing your business to run much more efficiently. Buying your energy … Continued

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Managing Utilities in High Capacity Venues

Due to the nature of high capacity venues like stadiums or exhibition centres, utilities are often in constant use over a short period of time. However, during non-match or non-event periods, virtually no electricity, gas or water will be used. This can make it more difficult to manage, as any problems could go undetected for … Continued

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Reduce water costs – conduct a water audit

Why Use an Independent Cost Consultant?

When it comes to arranging utility provision and everyday services for your business, many organisations opt to do this in-house. Whilst there is a feeling that this could save on resources and the cost of hiring brokers, it could actually cost you more in the long term. Using an independent cost consultant is more beneficial to … Continued

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Holiday Season: Outsourcing v In House Provision

Now that we are getting into summer holiday season, many businesses will have a regular flow of staff on annual leave over the next few months. Whilst it’s normal practice to have a holiday cover policy or expectations in place, this isn’t normally something we consider extending to business services. This can cover anything from … Continued

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Are Gas Prices Set to Drop

Earlier this year, a global abundance of gas forced down the price of the fuel. This was not only lower than anticipated, but also came in at the lowest price levels seen in over a decade. Since then it doesn’t appear that this drop in supplier price has been passed on to businesses and consumers. … Continued

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