10 years of the iPhone – how smartphones have changed the workplace

Incredibly, this month the iPhone turns 10. Over the past decade, this smartphone has slowly changed the way we communicate and use devices on the go. This has had a huge impact for businesses, revolutionising the way we work. Improving business communications Of course, mobile phones have existed long before iPhones, and businesses have been … Continued

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Is it time to upgrade your telecoms system?

Over the last 15 years or so, communications have advanced so rapidly that many businesses have struggled to keep up. In fact, your telecoms system may no longer be the most suitable or efficient for your business needs, thanks to many new devices which are able to simplify processes for us. New Technology Does your … Continued

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Do you have the right telecoms system for your business?

One thing that most successful businesses rely on is a good telecoms infrastructure in order to succeed. Whether using telephone, fax, internet or mobile technology, you need to have the telecoms solution which works best for your business. As can be the case with many organisations, once a telecoms system has been set up and … Continued

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