Are You Paying Over the Odds for Office Supplies?

If you work in an office there’s one thing that’s in high demand, but often not given the same attention as other long-term outgoings: office supplies. Although used every day, the procurement of office supplies is often not a cost-saving priority compared to things like utilities. However, there are still significant savings to be made … Continued

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How to Avoid Wasteful Office Technology

One of the trickiest jobs in the workplace is trying to decide on and justify new office technology. It can be difficult to determine what products will be the best value for money, or whether or not certain equipment will prove useful in aiding employees to produce the most efficient output in their day-to-day work. … Continued

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5 Reasons to Outsource Procurement of Office Supplies

More often than not, we find that businesses give the role of office supply purchasing to a PA, secretary, admin assistant or receptionist. However, this is not usually the most practical or cost-effective way to arrange the purchase of regular office items. Here are just 5 reasons you would be better to outsource procurement of … Continued

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