Is Hinkley Point Nuclear Project Bad for Consumers?

The UK’s new nuclear power station at Hinkley Point has come under fire according to the National Audit Office. Concerns are now being raised that British consumers are effectively being locked into a risky and expensive project which will negatively benefit them. The contract was originally agreed with EDF last September, and the National Audit … Continued

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Scotland to House World’s First Floating Windfarm

The world’s first floating windfarm is to take shape on the seabed off north-east Scotland. The £200m Hywind project will see turbines towed from Norway to create the fantastic renewable energy farm. Turbines have already been floated in fjords in Norway in preparation for the project which will see them tugged across the North Sea … Continued

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Clean Energy – Improving Performance and Reputation

When it comes to business energy, we’re experts at getting the best deal at the best price for your company. But have you considered the benefits of sourcing clean energy for your business? Why clean? Recent research documented by found that more than 40% of people believe that businesses should be sourcing clean energy … Continued

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Will the Proposed Tory Energy Cap Affect Businesses?

As election fever sweeps the country, the Tory party have pledged an interesting energy cap promise for consumers. The proposed cap is thought to benefit households by putting a cap on energy bills, but how will this affect businesses? Business energy prices skyrocketing Energy bills are one of the top ongoing costs for businesses, so … Continued

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New Water Market Competition in England and Wales

The water market in England and Wales is set to follow Scotland, as it moves to open up competition this year. From April 2017, more than 1.2 million businesses will be able to choose their water supplier rather than rely on the company holding the regional monopoly in their area. This is something which is … Continued

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UK businesses overpaying £500m on energy per year

Are you one of the UK businesses overpaying on your energy bills? It’s estimated that businesses in the UK overpay up to the value of £500m on their gas and electricity every single year. According to new research, it’s estimated that around 1 in 5 business energy bills contain mistakes ranging from incorrect rates to … Continued

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Npower to hike electricity prices by almost 10%

Last week it emerged in the news that Npower plans to raise its gas and electricity prices by 9.8% by May this year. Whilst this hike is set to affect domestic energy customers, there are concerns that business contracts will follow suit. Skyrocketing electricity prices The 9.8% rise applies to a dual fuel bill, which … Continued

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British Gas Fined for Business Billing Failures

On Tuesday, like many other businesses, we saw the news that British Gas has been handed a £9.5m penalty from Ofgem. The energy regulator believes that the gas provider has let thousands of business customers down, with inaccurate and delayed bills. As a utility bill disputer, this is something we have seen affecting our clients, … Continued

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Energy industry to benefit from reduction of ‘red tape’

The energy industry will be one of the industries which is set to have regulations and red tape reduced in order to boost activity, the Government has announced. The Business Secretary, Sajid Javid, announced that the energy, waste, mining, agriculture, and care sector will benefit from the £10bn savings that will be generated from the … Continued

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