How Can Business Cost Consultants Help Businesses in Administration?

At Business Cost Consultants, our aim is to save your organisation on a variety of regular business costs regardless of your current situation. However, many people are not aware of the administration services we offer, and the benefits it can bring.

Of course, we would ideally be making significant business cost savings long before it reaches the administration stage, however BCC is well places as one of the few companies in the UK to tackle administration negotiations with suppliers.

Tariff negotiation

The first thing many energy companies will do on receiving notice of a client entering administration, is either cut supplies or place the business on a higher tariff. This in itself can create more problems rather than help ease them.

Our expert team at Business Cost Consultants have the knowledge and experience to delve into these complex issues, and enter lengthy negotiations to ensure a fairer, more cost-effective deal. For example, we were able to save the administrators of a well-known hotel chain around one third on their energy provision.

Rebate and dispute services

In addition to negotiating the best possible deal at the time of insolvency and administration, we can also look back over previous business bills to identify any opportunities to recover more cash. For example, if a business has been put on an emergency tariff due to insolvency, we would negotiate a rebate as part of our tariff reduction negotiations.

However, we can also identify opportunities where a business may have been overpaying in the past, and go through the process of securing a rebate. Additionally, we have a dispute management service which completely manages the dispute process, from combing through previous bills to liaising with the service company to resolve a dispute.


Business Cost Consultants has over 21 years in the industry, helping businesses save on costs whether a newly formed company or one which is facing insolvency. To find out more about our cost-saving services, please get in touch.

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