Small Businesses: Save a Fortune with Smart Meters

Does your business already have a smart meter installed? If not now is the time to consider installing them, as they could save you a fortune on gas and electricity bills.

At Business Cost Consultants, we explore every avenue of cost-saving within your business, but one thing which undoubtedly helps you to keep control of costs in the longer term is a smart meter. At present, there’s a major drive for businesses in Scotland to have these smart meters installed, and it’s something which we fully support.

Smart meters = smart billing

One of the main benefits of installing smart meters in small businesses is that it allows you to regain control of your spend and billing. Rather than being placed on a tariff and billed in quarterly sums, whereby you don’t know how much you owe until the bill comes in, smart meters allow you to see how much gas and electricity you are using each day, as you use it.

Smart meters send information directly to the supplier in almost real time, allowing you to keep track of your spend and consumption. With this control, you can quickly monitor ways to improve consumption, cut down on wastage and generally stay in control of your billing.

At the moment, the way energy customers are billed is mainly based on guesswork and estimates based on things like previous energy usage, appliances and machinery in use, and the number of people consuming energy. Smart meters offer a more accurate approach which can save fortunes in the long run.

Smart GB drive

Smart GB are the company spearheading the smart meter roll-out, insisting it can be a way for businesses to save a fortune, and we don’t disagree. Currently they are looking to encourage 2.1 million small businesses of around 10 employees or less in Scotland to make the smart meter switch.

Who is it for?

The Smart GB scheme is targeting small businesses, but in reality any business can benefit from having and utilising smart meters. No matter whether you own a coffee shop, warehouse, hotel or call centre, your company could make savings from smart meter installation.

We can help support larger businesses with this type of technology, encouraging savings across all business departments. This can include things like decisions on purchasing new machinery or equipment, upgrading heating and ventilation or putting processes in place to minimise energy wastage by staff.

For more information on smart meters and how you could save with these and other cost-saving measures, please get in touch.

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