Business Cost Consultants Maximise Savings for DC Thomson

One of Scotland’s biggest media organisations, DC Thomson, recently acquired the services of Business Cost Consultants to help lower their office costs. Fending off stiff competition from eight energy managers throughout the UK, this substantial contract was won by Business Cost Consultants.

DC Thomson Group is headquartered in Dundee, but also has a significant presence at dct-logotheir London base in Fleet Street. As part of the contract, DC Thomson looked to lower their energy and office supplies costs, not just in these areas, but across the company’s whole portfolio.

We were delighted to win this contract against stiff UK competition in 2015.  Since then we have been pleased to help the group become ESOS compliant, significantly reduce their energy and office supply costs and to provide much improved energy management services.” – Donald Maclean, Managing Director

By conducting a full energy audit, Business Cost Consultants were quickly able to identify significant savings for the DC Thomson Group. Since the relationship began in 2015, Business Cost Consultants has managed to save over £170,000 in annual gas and energy costs alone. This includes a £44,000 recovery of electricity overcharges in May this year.

Energy efficiencyOngoing results

As well as identifying initial cost savings and recovering overcharges, Business Cost Consultants is committed to helping DC Thomson reduce energy costs in the long term. Part of this includes understanding how staff use energy services. This has allowed us to come up with a solution which will reduce staff time spent on energy services within their management and finance teams. This ensures ongoing savings and allows staff to focus on more pertinent areas of their role.

Maximising savings across multiple business services

Business Cost Consultants has been contracted to manage costs across a number of business services for the DC Thomson Group, in addition to energy provision and services. Another area where we have already started to see great success is office supplies. We have been able to cut total annual office expenditure on this service by over 50%. This is still an ongoing process, so we expect to save even more in this area after investigating the purchase process.

In addition, we have also helped reduce telecom costs for the group and are currently looking at how we may be able to save on the cost of water services at DC Thomson. By doing this, we are on track to save the group over £400,000 per annum in the near future.


Our cost consultancy services go far beyond an initial audit and cost saving total. We are committed to working in tandem with organisations, growing a meaningful business relationship in order to continue making savings for your business in the long term. For more information on how we can help your business reduce costs, please give us a call on 0141 226 8525.

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