Business Cost Consultants Expand Range of Services

We are delighted to announce the expansion of our cost saving services beyond utility management, offering an encompassing solution for our clients.

Additional services which Business Cost Consultants can now offer clients include insurance, office supplies, janitorial supplies, printing and document management, social media management, secure shredding, expert advice on construction services, industrial and commercial cleaning and reducing professional fees.

Business Cost Consultants has been providing businesses with significant cost saving solutions in the water, energy and telecoms sectors for more than 20 years now. We felt that it was time to offer businesses the complete package – why stop at energy and telecoms procurement and management?

There are many ways companies can save money, improve efficiency and processes, and save time. So we decided to expand our services beyond our traditional utility offering, giving finance directors and facility managers the opportunity to maximise almost any aspect of their business.

For example, stationery and equipment are things that almost all businesses use, regardless of industry, so it makes sense to offer our clients the opportunity to get the best deals and service for these too. In addition, things like janitorial supplies are constantly consumed in some organisations, so in addition to a cost-effective and reliable water supply, we are now able to find our clients reliable and efficient supplies and procurement solutions.

Whilst it’s undeniable that businesses can still benefit from considerable savings in the energy, water and telecoms sectors, there have been new industries which have manifested over the 20 years we have been operating at Business Cost Consultancy. For instance, digital marketing is a huge sector that almost any business can benefit from. We now have the ability to offer expertise in this area and find the best agency to take care of your digital and social needs, from websites to social media marketing.

Another of our new services is reducing professional fees. Most organisations spend money on lawyers, accountants, surveyors, architects and other professional services. Without expert knowledge you cannot check if the fees charged are reasonable or not. Our experts can do that for you.

The process is quite simple for Business Cost Consultants clients. We talk to them about their organisations and help them identify the areas where the larger savings are likely to be achieved. Our experts then carry out a free desktop study and we report back to them with our findings. Our report will highlight the potential savings and how little it will cost to achieve those savings. When the client is ready to proceed, we get on with the job of reducing costs.

For more information on each of our new services please click here, or give us a call on 0141 226 8525 to discuss how we can cut your costs. Alternatively, please email

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