Business Cost Consultants 12 Days of Christmas

Never mind Lords-a-leaping and geese-a-laying, Business Cost Consultants brings you some great cost saving ideas you can implement in our 12 Days of Christmas:

  1. Audits need Conducting

By simply providing three months’ bills for each of your utilities for a free Desktop Audit BCC can quickly ascertain if there is scope for improvement in what your utility supplies are costing your organisation amongst other available cost saving initiatives. Contact us for your free audit today.

  1. Old Bulbs need Changing

You can reduce cost and be energy efficient with new LED lighting, Business Cost Consultants can assist by arranging a no cost survey and bespoke solution and proposal for your organisation

  1. Water pipes are leaking

BCC through consumption review can spot where there may be issues with your water management with high profile clients such as Celtic and Rangers football clubs vastly reducing their consumption of water by engaging BCC to review their sites.

  1. Building developments need connecting

BCC regularaly deliver new utility connections for new developments up and down the country from shops to warehouses and restaurants to high rise developments and are experts in assisting small and large developers get sites up and running on time and on budget.

  1. Additional savings!

19 additional savings can be achieved for your organisation by asking BCC to look on your behalf at the many additional opportunities that we deliver for many other clients, details which can be found within our How Can We Help section.

  1. Disputes need resolving 

BCC are the experts in resolving utility disputes on behalf of clients and have an enviable success rate in achieving the client’s goals, please call us if you have a dispute with a utility supplier that you need assistance on.

  1. Supply Contracts all need Managing

It is crucial that the supplier contract renewals and contract terminations are managed by experts take care of that process for you or you could end up on an out of contract rate that will be hugely inflated. BCC deliver ease of mind by managing the process through the lifecycle of the contract on your behalf.

  1. Bills require validating

All organisations need to vigilant when processing invoices as discrepancies in tariff and consumption can be missed leading to wasted use of service and higher unexpected charges being taken by direct debit from an organisation which disrupts budgets. BCC as an integral part of the management service review every single invoice for all your supplies so that you can have confidence that we have you covered.

  1. Reports all need Writing

As part of the Client Service plan BCC provide a wide range of management reports as standard from Budget, Consumption reports all the way through to the Annual report as well as many bespoke reports to meet an individual client’s needs.

  1. Clients all need updating

BCC pride ourselves that we have the best client service in the industry and aim to deliver best in class reporting and updates across a range of Management information as the client might need. You can read more about our new client database software here.

  1. Projects need delivering

BCC deliver a wide range of bespoke projects from LED light conversion on multiple sites to a complete review of corporate services for a client and are at any one time delivering several projects for clients UK Wide.

  1. Smart Metering

Smart metering is the future of energy management and Business Cost Consultants are the experts in reviewing a client’s estate and rolling out Smart metering projects for all size of clients using our best value experts in this field. We have and continue to increase Smart metering throughout the client portfolio and are ready to assist you with this complicated next step in managing utility costs.

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